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Where to buy meat in Stellenbosch? Prime cuts in prime places

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Welcome to Stellenbosch – South Africa’s second oldest town and most inspiring wine, food, art and cultural destination.
buy meat in Stellenbosch


Where to buy meat in Stellenbosch?


Wondering where to buy meat Stellenbosch? Whether you like it smoked or sautéed, cold cuts, or entrecôte, even the most discerning of carnivores will be thrilled that there’s a friendly butcher on hand in Stellenbosch that knows how to put the hot into hot dog.

From old fashioned to modern, slow-roasted, seasoned to perfection, or fresh off the cut, meat lovers can start stocking up for Braai Day at any one of Stellenbosch’s renowned butcheries.

Support local and traditional – Birdstreet Butchery (since 1956), Eikeboom Butchery and Joostenberg run by the Myburgh family since 1948.

On the modern side, there is Ryan Boon (at De Warenmarkt) and The Fat Butcher, the latter having transformed its business into a butchery during lockdown.

Savour melt-off-the-bone decadent meat treats or indulge in a fiery roast on a frosty winter day at these noteworthy butcheries across Stellenbosch.


Joostenberg Butchery

Joostenberg Butchery buy meat in Stellenbosch

Look no further than Joostenberg Butchery for healthy, fresh cuts of pork, cured hams and bacon. This family-run butchery has been purveying pork since the 1940s. Walk up the well-stocked counter and ask your friendly butcher to slice and dice everything from pork fillet to pork neck. Fresh hams, Kassler and succulent pork cuts are the order of the day. But there’s more. While you wait for your order to be complete, peruse the extensive selection of deli produce, from vegetables and freshly baked breads, to delicious quiches, sauces and the most delectable chocolate mousse that will make your toes curl. Stay a while longer and head to the Joostenberg Bistro for a cup of coffee or delicious meal with beautiful views of the gardens and the company of the friendly resident chickens.

Click for more information or enquire with Joostenberg here: Contact – 021 88 44 206
E-mail –


Fat Butcher

where to buy meat in stellenbosch

One of Stellenbosch’s top eateries, The Fat Butcher in the heart of town launched its butchery shop featuring its preferred meat brand, Chalmar Beef. Expect AAA-grade beef and lamb, pasture-reared and grain finished. Dry-aged, wet-aged, Côte de boeuf, French rack, fillet or T-Bone – you name it, The Fat Butcher does it all.

Click for more information or enquire with The Fat Butcher: Contact – 021 882 8705/ 021 883 3857/ 021 883 2603
E-mail –


Ryan Boon

Ryan Boon, meat in stellenbosch

This specialty butcher at De Warenmarkt supplies some of the finest restaurants in and around Cape Town. Named after owner, Ryan Boon, the Boland butcher who got his first job sweeping up and packing in a butchery when he was 16 years old, Ryan Boon Speciality Meats sure is something special. Skill and quality are guaranteed, and the butchery sources pasture-reared sustainably sourced meat that keep customers returning again and again. Biltong lovers, you’re in for a treat. Patrons come from all over to sample and buy Ryan Boon’s best biltong cuts and droëwors.

Click for more information, or enquire with Ryan Boon: Contact – 021 887 9905
E-mail –


Eikeboom Butchery

Eikeboom butchery

An oldie, but a goodie, Eikeboom Butchery is the oldest traditional butcheries in Stellenbosch. One of the stops along the Bites and Sites culinary walking tour, this old-fashioned butcher specialises in traditionally made biltong, droëwors, and quality aged meats, making Eikeboom a household name for generations of families. Why we love it? The best boerewors and hamburger patties in town.

Click for more information or enquire with Eikeboom Butchery here: Contact – 021 886 5731
E-mail –


Birdstraat Slagtery

Birdstraat Slaghuis meats in Stellenbosch

The Desseyn family – father and son – take butchery to new heights at Birdstraat Slagtery. Personal attention and carefully selected products are what have defined this butchery since it was launched in 1956. This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for smoked salami, biltong and sausage.

Enquire with Birdstraat Slagtery here: Contact – 021 886 5274
E-mail –