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Unveiling Stellenbosch: A Unique Outdoor Adventure Awaits!

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of South Africa’s Winelands lies Stellenbosch, a destination not just for wine enthusiasts but also for those seeking adventure in the great outdoors. While the region is renowned for its picturesque vineyards and historic charm, there’s a whole world of exhilarating activities waiting to be explored beyond the cellar doors.

In this blog, we invite you to embrace the outdoors in a whole new light. From gliding effortlessly over water to cruising through vineyard-lined roads in vintage sidecars, Stellenbosch offers a plethora of unconventional activities that guarantee a blast while keeping you active.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and thrilling escapades that await in Stellenbosch. Whether you’re seeking quality bonding time with family, planning a team-building excursion, or simply craving a solo adventure unlike any other, Stellenbosch has something special in store for you. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey where fun, fitness, and unforgettable memories await around every corner.


Nestled in the heart of picturesque Devonbosch, Stellenbosch, Efoil School invites you to embark on an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Efoil lessons are more than an activity; they’re a guaranteed pathway to riding the waves within an hour, suitable for all experience levels. Whether you’re a family seeking quality bonding time, a group in search of team-building thrills, or a solo adventurer yearning for a unique experience, efoiling offers the sensation of gliding on water with ease.

So, what is efoiling? It’s the exhilaration of effortlessly skimming the water’s surface on a sleek, electric-powered foil board—an experience that defies description and must be felt to be truly understood.

The beautiful, idyllic dam, sheltered from the elements, is nestled amidst the scenic Winelands, providing the perfect backdrop for your efoil escapade. Safety is their top priority, and they equip you with all the essentials: wetsuits, helmets, leashes, and impact vests.

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Cape Sidecar Tours

Take to the open road, evoke nostalgia and experience wind on your face. Cape Sidecar Tours offer unforgettable sidecar charters, point to point transfers, excursions, journeys and tours. From breakfast to sunset, it’s always a good moment to ride in a vintage-styled sidecar. You decide the route and area you want to explore. Discover tradition, beauty, culture, wine, good food and its 100% non-stop fun.

There is no better way to see the historic village of Stellenbosch with it’s oak-shaded streets and beautiful surrounding vineyards of the Cape Winelands than in one these vintage styled sidecars.

What are you waiting for, book this unforgettable experience today!

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Segway Vineyard Tours at Spier

If you’re looking for a fun new experience in the Cape Winelands, a segway adventure might just be it. Located just outside of Stellenbosch, Spier Wine Farm offers these family-friendly tours that not only allow you to soak up the beauty of the surrounding Helderberg Mountains, but also offer participants an opportunity to learn about farm life.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday (children 10 years and above are welcome), having a family get-together, team building event or even a romantic date, a segway adventure is a wonderful way to enjoy the Winelands.

Before you begin, you’ll be taken through a 20-minute training session that will make even the most unfamiliar segwayers feel right at home. Then it’s time to hop aboard your off-road segway, and glide through vines and farm plains, while learning about Spier’s biodynamic farming methods and wine-making techniques.

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Enjoy an exhilarating downhill descent on the Monster Mountain® Scooters. Scootours® is not an extreme activity but a unique and family-friendly way to experience nature and the surroundings of your holiday destination. Scootours make use of non-motorised Monster Mountain® Scooters, making this an eco-friendly adventure. These Swiss designed scooters are used in the Alps during their summer season on the ski slopes when the snow has melted. Choose to explore the beautiful vineyards at Middelvlei or venture into the mountains on the Banhoek Valley.

Vineyard & Farm Experience – Middelvlei
South Africa’s first Scootours Flow Trail with berms, rollers and a bush tunnel.

During this 45-minute experience, guests do a short run to get used to the Scooters and then are shuttled to the top of Middelvlei Wine farm to do two downhill runs of the Scootours Flow Trail.

You will enjoy freedom and the wind in your hair as you free-wheel down the track.

Tours depart from Middelvlei Wine Estate. Middelvlei is famous for their world-class wines and their Boerebraai (don’t forget to make a reservation if you want to enjoy the Boerebraai).

Vineyard & Mountain Experience – Banhoek
Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Scootours® in Stellenbosch, where breathtaking vistas of the Groot Drakenstein Mountains await. Glide through scenic trails nestled amidst picturesque vineyards on gravity monster mountain scooters, experiencing the beauty of the landscape in a unique way.

Unleash your sense of adventure as you navigate these thrilling paths, blending the joy of outdoor exploration with the stunning backdrop of South Africa’s renowned wine region.

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Padel, a dynamic and engaging sport, has swiftly gained popularity as a favorite outdoor activity worldwide. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Stellenbosch, amidst the renowned winelands, lie two prestigious wine farms embracing the padel craze. Offering immaculate courts with breathtaking views, these facilities provide the perfect backdrop for a social and active experience. Gather with friends, engage in thrilling matches, and afterward, indulge in world-class wines and delectable cuisine. It’s a winning combination that ensures both fitness and enjoyment in the heart of Stellenbosch’s scenic beauty.

Avontuur Estate
Enjoy a day at Avontuur Padel, the premiere Padel offering in the Cape Winelands.

Padel is the world’s fastest-growing sport, and this new sports facility is a perfect complement to all the fun activities and things to do at Avontuur estate.

The courts have breath-taking views over False Bay towards Table Mountain with the Helderberg Mountain Range as your backdrop, surrounded by horse paddocks and vineyards.

Avontuur is also connected to the Winelands cycle trails, providing a fun track extension through their farm that passes by the Avontuur Padel facility, and winds over the dam wall headed toward the vast onward selection of trails.

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Step onto Zorgvliet’s state-of-the-art padel courts, where the excitement and adrenaline of the game await you. Feel the rush as you swing, volley, and compete against friends or fellow players. But at Zorgvliet, they believe in offering more than just a game.

So, whether you’re a seasoned padel player, a food enthusiast, or a family looking for a day of fun, Zorgvliet Padel Courts has it all. Experience the thrill of padel, savor a delightful picnic at their Grapes and Greens Picnic Area, or enjoy a satisfying lunch at De Vliet Bistro.

And don’t forget, the play area ensures that the whole family can have a fantastic time. So gather your family and friends and head over to Zorgvliet Padel Courts, where the game, the food, and the memories come together for an unforgettable experience.

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