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Top 10 family-friendly experiences in Stellenbosch

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Wonderdal at Hazendal Wine Estate

There are plenty of family-friendly experiences in Stellenbosch. To make visiting Stellenbosch with your loved ones child’s play, we’ve rounded up the top 9 family-friendly experiences in Stellenbosch to keep the young and young at heart entertained.

Spier Wine Farm

1. Spier Wine Farm

A visit to Spier Wine Farm is a must for the family. The farm offers Grape Juice Tastings for the kids, whilst the grown-ups sip on award-winning wines. And for those budding birding families, check out the Eagle Encounters to get up close and personal with birds of prey.

Baby giraffe with mother

2. The Giraffe House

The Giraffe House focuses on wildlife education in a family-friendly setting. So pack a picnic basket and settle in for a day outdoors with the animals.

Family fun at Vredenheim

3. Vredenheim Wine Farm

The guys at Vredenheim understand family. And that’s because they’re family-owned and run. Their Big Cats Park is like going on a game drive without having to travel far. Get up close with a variety of wild cats including lions, cheetahs and leopards from the safety of a viewing deck. And when you’re done, head on over to the Vredenheim Animal Farm where the little ones can cuddle up with friendly sheep and rabbits until the sun sets.

Great options for outdoorsy families at DelVera

4. DelVera

DelVera, the outdoor village in the vineyards, is one of our favourite family-friendly experiences in Stellenbosch. Children can take a go-kart for a spin and afterwards put their bike skills to the test on the kids’ bike track. The family can enjoy a horse ride together, after which the parents can enjoy lunch at one of DelVera’s restaurants while kids carry on enjoying themselves.

Perfect pairings for kids at Middelvlei

5. Middelvlei Wine Estate

Middelvlei Wine Estate offers a (non-alcoholic) tasting for children where they will test their senses by identifying different flavours, textures and tastes just like a grown-up wine tasting. In addition, the little ones can also join in the fun with a kiddies snack box and marshmallows to braai.

Adventure Shop bike tour

6. Adventure Shop

Fancy playing cowboy? The guys at Adventure Shop, situated at the Black Horse Centre, are pros at getting your family to have fun outdoors. They offer guided biking, hiking and horse riding tours, and can even arrange their popular treasure hunt through the streets of Stellenbosch (for groups of 10 or more).

Miniature toy collection

7. Toy and Miniature Museum

The Toy and Miniature Museum is a world of enchantment not to be missed. Amongst the treasured miniature houses, antique dolls, cars, cuddly toys, and other things, you can see a detailed and lifelike miniature of South Africa’s famous Blue train – the only one of its kind in Africa.

Keep calm and duck walk

8. Duck Parade at Vergenoegd Wine Estate

What is a family outing without a Duck Parade? Come and cheer the ducks at Vergenoegd as they march off to forage for snails and insects in the vineyards. (Duck Parades: Daily at 10h30, 12h30 and 15h30.)

Exotic birds at Butterfly World

9. Butterfly World

Exotic animals, previously kept as pets and donated to Butterfly World, have finally found a specialised sanctuary to call home. We highly recommend you take the family for a walk amongst the free-flying butterflies – just take care not to step on the green tree iguana lazing on the path in front of you.

Now more than ever is a great time for families to visit Stellenbosch. South Africa has just removed the requirement for foreign minors to travel to South Africa with an unabridged birth certificate.

10. Wonderdal at Hazendal

Visit the magical World of Wonderdal – a one of a kind, state-of-the-art educational play experience for children age 5 to 13.

Wonderdal is a wonderful place not only for children and teachers, but also for parents. They can either enjoy quality time with their kids, or entrust them in the capable hands of the ‘Wonderpals’, the trained supervisors at Wonderdal, while relaxing and enjoying any of the various culinary and cultural offerings at Hazendal Wine Estate, the beautiful historical wine estate where Wonderdal is located. Our Wonderpals are here to give parents the peace of mind that responsible trained staff is assisting their children with the activities, attending to their needs and taking them safely through the Wonderdal journey.

After a day at Wonderdal and Hazendal, parents will leave relaxed, delighted by the fun experience their kids enjoyed and feeling proud of the young ones’ achievements and development.


What’s more, the range of family-friendly experiences in Stellenbosch is second to none. Here’s some inspiration for your entire brood or check out Stellenbosch Wine Routes for family-friendly wine farm experiences.