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Top 10 Must-Do Experiences in Stellenbosch This Summer

December 2023

As the vibrant hues of summer paint the Stellenbosch landscape with warmth and golden splendor, it’s time to immerse yourself in the heart of the Cape Winelands. Here we unveil the top 10 Must-Do Experiences in Stellenbosch, inviting you to explore the region’s natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture.

Join us on a journey through the charming streets, picturesque vineyards, and hidden gems of Stellenbosch, unlocking unforgettable moments in this enchanting corner of the Western Cape. Whether you’re a foodie, history enthusiast, or adventure seeker, Stellenbosch beckons you to savor the essence of summer in every step and sip.

Stellenbosch on Foot: Discover the Steps of the Summer

Over the Summer holidays we tend to fill our agendas to the brim, making sure we tick all the boxes and experience as much as possible. This summer we want to encourage you to explore Stellenbosch at a slower pace, engaging directly with the natural beauty, history, and cultural vibrancy on foot. Here are some of our favorite walks, tours and hikes where you can experience Stellenbosch in all its beauty, culture and history.   

Bites and Sites

Bites and Sites presents guided Food Tours in Stellenbosch, connecting visitors to the heart and soul Stellenbosch food, art and culture.

Bites and Sites Food Tours Stellenbosch is a small team bound by a shared vision for our town and for our people. We love our Rainbow Nation; as a result we are passionate about sharing its flavours and its heart with visitors. We therefore consider it a privilege to be part of this family.

Here, at Bites and Sites Food Tours we are a small team bound by a shared vision for our town and for our people. We love our Rainbow Nation; as a result we are passionate about sharing its flavours and its heart with visitors. We therefore consider it a privilege to be part of this family.

Choose from 4 unique tours:

Classic Cape Cuisine Walk | A unique and original food experience that introduces you to the authentic flavours of Stellenbosch.
Tour days: Mon – Sun: 10h00 – 13h30, Mon – Sat: 13h00 – 16h30
Tour duration: 3.5 Hours
Price: R1295 per person
Click here for more info and to book your tour

Kayamandi Township Tour and Xhosa Lunch | Experience the true hospitality and creativity of township life in Kayamandi (directly translated as “sweet home”) township on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.
Tour days: Mon – Sat from 10h00 – 13h00
Tour duration: 3 hours
Price: R1350 per person
Click here for more info and to book your tour

Foodies on Foot | Send your taste buds on an adventure by savouring the handiwork of passionate food artisans whilst enjoying celebrated artworks in town.
Tour days: Mon – Sun: 10h00 – 13h30; Mon – Fri: 13h00 – 16h30
Tour duration: 3.5 hours
Price: R1295
Click here for more info and to book your tour.

Best of Bites | A private tour that includes an exciting collection of the best experiences currently available from our popular Classic Cape Cuisine Tour, the divine Foodies on Foot Tour and the brand new Bites in a Box Tour.
Tour days: Mon – Sat: 10h00 until 13h30.
Tour duration: 3.5 hours
Price: R2195 per person
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Get in touch:

Tel: +27 72 989 3438 | Email: | Website:

Stellenbosch on foot | Historical Tour of Stellenbosch

Join Stellenbosch on Foot for a Historical tour of Stellenbosch and explore the “village of the oaks” with its shady oak avenues bordered by the water furrows of the Mill Stream. Admire the charm and harmony of the Cape Dutch Architecture and listen to tales about the colorful inhabitants of three centuries.
Price: R220 per person
Tour duration: +/- 90 minutes
Click here for more info and to book your tour

Pniël Cultural & Environmental Hiking Tours

Break away from the usual wine tasting and discover or explore the beauty of a small missionary town Pniël, close to Stellenbosch with a unforgettable scenic moderate hike in the mountains of the Dwarsriver valley. You can choose between 3 different hiking trails. They are hiking to Pniël Silver mine caves in the Simonsberg mountain, Kylemore Ostrich Kloof waterfalls in the Banhoek Concervancy and the Lanquedoc Devils Kloof waterfalls also in the Banhoek Concervancy. Ideal for people who loves an early 4-hour hike and lovely food or wine tasting after the hike.

Hiking trails:

Explore Duiwelskloof | Lanquedoc hikers heaven
The trail starts in the Banhoek Concervancy and goes into the Great Drakenstein mountain and close to Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. You will enter an unforgettable untouched fairy world within remote and rugged ridges.
Lenth: 8 km
Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Rated: Moderate
Price: R300 per person

Discover Volstruiskloof Cathedral Kylemore waterfalls
This hike is a gem worth exploring. Hidden in the Banhoek Concervancy close to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. The hike offers amazing natural beauty, Fynbos, clean clear mountain streams, fresh air and blue mountain.
Length: 8 – 9 km
Duration: 6 – 7 hours
Rated: Moderate
Price: R350 per person

Discover Pniël Simonsberg | Silvermine hike
Pniël lies between Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek. The town is a mission station rich with history and culture. Gets insight into the slave history, freedom and why Pniël are flourishing.
Length: 7 km
Duration: 4 hours
Rated: Moderate
Price: R250 per person

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 84 428 4620 | Email: Info@pnielc& | Website:

Dwarsrivier Living History Tour

Lace-up your shoes and delve into generations of living history, traversing the breathtaking Dwarsrivier Valley. This Living History Tour – available as a walking or mountain biking tour – takes you into the heart and homes of the people of Pniël, Johannesdal and Kylemore. Discover the history and rich culture of these communities, originally settlements of former freed slaves, as you set off from the Dwarsrivier Tourism office in Pniël.
Tour days: Daily between 08h00 and 16h00. Starting times will be confirmed when you book.
Tour duration: E-bike: 2,5 hours | On foot: 3 hours
Price: On E-bike – R1 500 | On foot – R650
Click here for more info and to book your tour

Stellenbosch Adventure Awaits: Thrills Beyond the Vine

For those of you seeking adventure in the great outdoors, look no further than our warm hearted town. We believe that Stellenbosch is the epicentre of adventure sports and outdoor activities that get the adrenaline pumping.

MTO Trails

Nestled between the high peaks of the Stellenbosch mountains, MTO Trails offers all types of outdoor enthusiasts with a world class trail network to explore and enjoy. Boasting over 48km of single track and 74km of forestry roads, you’ll have plenty of trails to choose from for hiking, trail running and mountain biking. MTO Trails offering expands further with the cosy Jonkershoek Valley Cottage located right at the entrance to the valley. Your next adventure starts here!

Day Pass Prices:
Running/Hiking Day Pass | R60
MTB Day Pass | R85
Child Day Pass (under 12 years of age) | R40  
Student/Pensioner Day Pass | R55 *verification needed (only available for purchase at the MTO gate, not available online)

Get in touch:
Email: | Website: MyMTO (

Casa Cerveza Mountain bike tour

With so many places to see in and around Stellenbosch, why not enjoy them while taking a guided tour on your mountain bike with guides from the local community in Kayamandi? Experience something unique on all of our tours and see the beauty that is Stellenbosch, whether you want to see the town, or take a trip through the surrounding mountains.

Choose between the following tours:

Mountain Bike Tours.
The mountain bike tours in and around Stellenbosch will cause stiff muscles and many, many laughs and good times! The Casa guides will lead the way around our much-loved trails. For tourists and visitors, this is a great way to explore the Winelands, and for locals, it offers you just another way to experience and appreciate the beauty that we all get to live in!
Cost: R350 per hour per guide – excluding trail fees. Bike rentals are available on request at R400 per bike for half day and R650 for a full day.

Calling the wine lovers!
Enjoy a two-hour journey on bike to some of the hottest wine bars in and around Stellenbosch. This is a great way to relax a little bit with your friends and to spend some time in the outdoors, whilst also giving you the opportunity to discover new wines that will become some of your favourites, or to discover awesome new local spots where you can get together with friends to enjoy your favourite drink!
Cost: R350 per hour for the guide and the tastings are paid per stop. Bike rental is R400 for half day.

Call it love or call it art
Stellenbosch is home to many local artists and art pieces, as well as great historical buildings and architecture. A great way to experience this, is in the saddle! Let their guides take you around town to show you some great pieces of art that you may not notice yourself when you are strolling around town.
Cost: R350 per hour for the guide and the tastings are paid per stop. Bike rental is R400 for half day.

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 81 764 9215 | Email: | Website: Casa Cerveza | Mountain Bike Tours


Welcome to Efoil South Africa, your portal to the exhilarating world of efoiling! Nestled in the heart of picturesque Devonbosch, Stellenbosch, the Efoil School invites you to embark on an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Their efoil lessons are more than an activity; they’re a guaranteed pathway to riding the waves within an hour, suitable for all experience levels. Whether you’re a family seeking quality bonding time, a group in search of team-building thrills, or a solo adventurer yearning for a unique experience, efoiling offers the sensation of gliding on water with ease.
Price: R1500 per person for a 1-hour lesson
Click here for more info and to book your session

Uncork the perfect Summer

Embark on a journey of exquisite taste and breathtaking landscapes with a selection of unique wine experiences in the heart of Stellenbosch.

Bikes ‘n Wines

Bikes ‘n Wines runs guided walking and bicycle wine tours where you can explore the Cape’s Winelands. Enjoy some of the finest local wine tastings and food pairings the Stellenbosch has to offer, all while pedalling or walking through exclusive and picturesque wine estates.

If you’re looking for a family fun-filled activity, a half-day vineyard and wine tasting walk, luxurious e-bike cycle tour or a relaxed 6-hour wine tour by bike, then this is for you!

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 21 823 8790 | Email: | Website: Bikes ‘n Wines – Stellenbosch (

Cape Sidecars

Take to the open road, evoke nostalgia and experience wind on your face. We offer unforgettable sidecar charters, point to point transfers, excursions, journeys and tours. From breakfast to sunset, it’s always a good moment to ride in a vintage-styled sidecar. You decide the route and area you want to explore. Discover tradition, beauty, culture, wine, good food and its 100% non-stop fun.

There is no better way to see the historic village of Stellenbosch with it’s oak-shaded streets and beautiful surrounding vineyards of the Cape Winelands.

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 82 057 0751 | Email: | Website: Cape Sidecar Tours

Stellenbosch Wine Drive Safari’s

The Stellenbosch Wine Routes offers you unique cellar-door experience for the wine-lover and traveller, memories and experiences that will want you to come back again and again

So hop along and lets go on a safari …..

Warwick Wine Estate
Great wine is made in the vineyards. Which is why trained safari guides will show you where the magic happens. Groups of up to eight can enjoy an open-top tour through our ‘big five’ vineyards (the grapes, not the animals), with MCC along the way. It’s also great for families, as the tour includes non-alcoholic options and soft drinks for the kids.

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 21 884 4410 | Email: | Website: Warwick Wine Estate

Jordan Wine Estate Stellenbosch
Tour the vineyards in an open safari-style game viewing Land Rover, with stops to experience the spectacular views of False and Table Bays as well as the flora and fauna of the Cape Winelands. Guests will experience the terroir and geology of the estate whilst tasting a selection of wines in the sustainably grown vineyards. This includes a cellar tour with additional wines to be tasted in the barrel cellar or on the terrace.

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 21 881 3441 | Email: | Website: Best Wine Tastings Stellenbosch – Jordan Wine Estate (

Waterford Estate
Treat yourself this summer season to an authentic experience like none other.

Join the Waterford team out in their vineyard for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying truly expressive terroir-focused fine wine.

Waterford Wine Drive Safari Experience is a trip that will have you falling in love with South Africa all over again, guided by the youthful exuberance of their well-trained team, accompanied by the sounds of nature and all carried by a glass of wine. This is something you won’t soon forget!

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 21 880 5300 | Email: | Website: Experience our Estate – Waterford Estate

Villiera Wines
Adventure meets sophistication at Villiera Wines! Experience the best of both worlds by combining the wonders of the wild with the elegance of wine.

Book your game drive and wine tasting experience at Villiera Wines, and create cherished memories with friends and family!

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 21 865 2002 | Email: | Website: Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary and Game Drives

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vredenheim’s exhilarating game drives! Join in on the fun every day at 11:00 and 13:30 for a journey into the heart of the wild. Experience the thrill of discovery for just R300 for adults and R200 for kids. Get ready to witness nature’s wonders up close!

Game drive includes glass of wine & small cheese board and also something for the little ones.

Get in touch:
Tel: +27 60 387 5593 | Email: