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Toco Partners With Stellenbosch Street Soirees to Accelerate Climate Action

Welcome to Stellenbosch – South Africa’s second oldest town and most inspiring wine, food, art and cultural destination.

Stellenbosch Wine Routes is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Toco, a new digital currency and digital payment platform dedicated to reversing the effects of climate change, and have appointment this as the official currency of our beloved Stellenbosch Street Soirees. The Stellenbosch Street Soirees will only accept payments in Toco, revolutionising the way locals and visitors alike can enjoy the beautiful summer evenings of Stellenbosch.

The Stellenbosch Street Soirees are a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors to catch up over fine food and wine. Every year thousands flock to experience these special events in all their glory. The partnership between the Stellenbosch Street Soirees and Toco gives attendees an easy and secure way to pay using their phones and allows them to support a currency that turns everyday purchases into positive climate action. Toco is the world’s first currency that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s money as tonnes of carbon, stored in a digital wallet.

“The Stellenbosch Street Soiree has been well known as one of South Africa’s premier social events, hosting thousands each year for a fun night out filled with music, great-tasting food and exquisite local wine. It provides a unique opportunity for locals and tourists alike to come together – making it the perfect event to demonstrate Toco’s and Stellenbosch Wine Routes’ commitment to fighting climate change. By coming together with one shared goal – protecting our planet while still enjoying life – Stellenbosch Street Soirees and Toco are paving the way towards creating an economy that works hand-in-hand with nature – something that we can all be proud of!” says Stellenbosch Wine Routes manager Elmarie Rabe.

“We are committed to leading the charge in climate action and championing sustainability. By partnering with Stellenbosch Street Soirees, we want to make it easy for everyone – locals, businesses and visitors – to become an active part of this climate-conscious community. As a digital payment platform, we offer a fast, secure, cashless way to enjoy these events. Partnering with the Soirees provides a gateway to introduce our platform directly to the Stellenbosch community, inspiring them to take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future simply by buying a glass of wine. As a result, every Street Soiree event will contribute to the removal of about 170 tonnes of CO2 in just one evening – the same amount it would take 6 800 trees to remove in one whole year. That is powerful impact created in a really simple and convenient way that every Soiree attendee can be proud of.” – Paul Rowett, CEO and Co-founder of Toco.

The announcement marks the beginning of a collaboration between both companies, one which will bring about significant advances in promoting eco-friendly practices across local businesses. There are already many Stellenbosch merchants – shops, restaurants, bars, wine farms, hair salons etc, that accept tocos, Bootlegger, The Wine Glass, Greengate, Juvenate Conscious Eatery, Mood Coffee Shop, The Meeting Place, Levels Barber, Plaisir and Boschendal.

“We hope this partnership encourages more people and businesses to join us on our journey towards sustainability by turning ordinary transactions into positive climate actions”, Rowett concludes.

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