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Toasty Brunch with the Family in Stellenbosch

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With restaurants in full gear, there’s no better opportunity to escape the house and revel in a classic brunch with your loved ones, just like the good old days. From flaky jam induced croissants to streaky bacon bits and pork pie’s, these mouth-watering decadents don’t disappoint. As they remind us of a simpler time, as we once again toss away our stress, savour a hearty meal, and relish in family indulgence – right here in Stellenbosch.

Here are a few recommendations for when you decide to step outside once more and rejoice in a toasty endeavour.


The well-rehearsed charm of Lanzerac is beloved by the Stellenbosch locals and wanderers alike. Here at, 1 Lanzerac Rd, Karindal, you’ll experience a world of only the freshest bread, cakes and pastries. Aromatic coffees and a selection of South Africa’s most excellent charcuterie and cheeses top off the adventure. Take your pick from their Manor Kicthen, for a toasty breakfast. Or revel in their savoury Deli Menu.

Contact: 021 887 1132 / Email.

The Vine Bistro

You’ll find the Vine Bistro huddled in Lelie Street, in the Idas Valley. Where you’ll be welcomed into a family that revels in a classic flavour-packed bistro menu, sided with a modern twist. Their breakfast menu conjures an array of delicious decadents, from flaky Croissants to smoked salmon trout, streaky bacon, homemade jam, Toulouse sausage, and everything in between.

Contact: 021 809 6444 / Email

Joostenberg Bistro

At the Joostenberg Bistro, located in Klein Joostenberg. R304 Muldersvlei- you’ll be served by none other than head chef Garth Bedford. Bringing you an in-depth breakfast menu that practically embodies the idea of warmth. Family indulgence starts here, with savoury pork pie’s, fried eggs, toasty bread, creamy mushroom sauce, Dalewood yoghurt and streaky bacon depending on your order.

Contact: 021 8844208 / Email


From cosy dining inside Kunjani’s contemporary designed restaurant to al fresco meals on the deck. This indulgence takes you along a panoramic adventure as Kunjani nestles itself atop the Bottelary Hills at Farm 90, 20 Blumberg Drive. Soak up these views amid heartwarming company, and relish in their magnificent meals. With a breakfast menu that flaunts the classic family combo’s we all know and love, from eggs, bacon, homemade bread and tomatoes, to the savoury joy of Hollandaise sauce, sourdough, and toasty delights.

Contact: 087 630 0409


Muratie, found at Knorhoek Rd, Koelenhof- hugs to the foot of Simonsberg and prompts a gorgeous view that runs into Table Mountain. Treasured for its age, quaint little Muratie shows you a world of wonder as you relish in its mouth-watering breakfast menu. From farmyard omelettes to bacon-filled croissants, healthy breakfast bowls and everything else you’d expect for a brunch day out with the family.

Contact: 021 865 2330/6 / Email

Jordan Bakery

Jordan, well known for its exceptional wine, scenery, restaurant and accommodation is also host to a gorgeous bakery located at Stellenbosch Kloof Road, Vlottenberg. Here, you’ll find yourself melting into the aromas of baked bread, pastries and freshly brewed coffee that follows an exceptional menu. Whether you take to the deck or a spot under their green goliaths. Jordan doesn’t disappoint.

Contact: 021 881 3004 / Email

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