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The ‘Stellenbosch Ready’ Stamp of Approval

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Welcome to Stellenbosch – South Africa’s second oldest town and most inspiring wine, food, art and cultural destination.
Stellenbosch Heroes

Tourists should keep an eye out for the ‘Stellenbosch Ready’ stamp when planning activities and seeking accommodation in the area, especially if you are looking for peace of mind that your safety is a top priority. When a travel supplier is awarded with this stamp and our seal of approval, you can rest assured that it is indeed going above and beyond to ensure compliance regarding the strict safety protocols as outlined by local and international healthcare authorities, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Stellenbosch Ready

Wondering exactly what to expect? Below, we highlight just a few Visit Stellenbosch members and their unique approaches when it comes to doing their part to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You can rest assured that all travel suppliers sporting the ‘Stellenbosch Ready’ stamp of approval are following similar protocols.

Majeka House

The renowned 5-star boutique hotel is celebrated for its hospitality, eclectic décor and is also well-known for its restaurant. Guests gather there to enjoy gourmet food come morning, noon, and night. However, it is the breakfast buffet that, up until lockdown, proved to be the most popular go-to offering. Obviously, since the dawn of COVID, buffet-style eating has become a big no-no – but not to worry. The Majeka House restaurant has made provisions to ensure that guests can still savour their diverse spread of breakfast bites. It now serves smaller ‘buffets’ for each individual table.

Majeka House

Majeka is open to outside guests for breakfast and lunch

Tel: 021 880 1549 /

Lanzerac Hotel

This recent period has created an opportunity for the Lanzerac team to reinvent their ways of welcoming you back to the Estate.

With over 327 years of history, Lanzerac is rich in heritage, offering the finest hospitality and a team well-versed in delivering exceptional service, regardless of the recent circumstances. In preparation of this, know that the team at Lanzerac are adapting their arrival and departure interactions, adjusting activities, modifying the dining rooms for extra space and so much more. They are taking every precaution, even while planning new and creative ways to delight and care for their guests.

With new etiquettes and hygiene precautions, they want to assure you that the number one priority is the health and safety of their Guests and Team.

Tel: 021 887 1132 |

Bonne Esperance

The charming atmosphere and friendly staff are just a couple of reasons why travellers from around the globe flock to the Bonne Esperance Guesthouse when visiting Stellenbosch. This sought-after guesthouse is another Stellies favourite that has been awarded the ‘Stellenbosch Ready’ stamp of approval. Some of the protocols that it has put in place include:

  • Temperature checks via a thermal scanner upon arrival.
  • Daily temperature checks for guests staying more than one night (when arriving for breakfast or departing the guesthouse each day).
  • Online check-in to minimise in-person contact.
  • Luggage will be sprayed with a disinfection spay or wiped with a surface sanitiser.
  • All items on the front desk (pen, registration form and room keys) and the receptionist’s hands are sanitised, in front of the arriving guest, prior to any interaction.
  • All staff members have received training on sanitising rooms, including how to handle linen and how to effectively sanitise bathrooms.

Bonne Esperance

Tel: 021 887 0225 |

Adventure Shop and Vine Hopper

As you probably already know, Stellenbosch isn’t just about the wine and the food! There are countless adventures and activities in which to take part along the way. While your craving for a new experience might be strong, you might find yourself hesitant to satisfy it for fear of coming into contact with the virus as a result of shared equipment. The good news is that Stellenbosch Ready partners, including Adventure Shop, are going the extra mile to ensure that all popular experiences are COVID-ready.

When it comes to their guided bike tours, for example, the Adventure Shop team requests that tourists bring their own helmets. In the event that this isn’t possible, caution is taken to properly sanitise helmets and other shared equipment before and after each use. Furthermore, disposable hairnets are available for extra protection.


021 882 8112 /

The Fat Butcher

The Fat Butcher is a must for a prime cut steak and plenty of local flavour. Located in the heart of Stellenbosch, its owners have truly gone the whole hog regarding optimising guests’ safety. Your temperature will be taken at the entrance and you will be requested to fill in a sworn declaration that you are not displaying any known symptoms of the virus via a QR code that you can scan with your phone. There is also no need to handle a communal menu. Once you have been seated, you will find a few more QR codes printed on your serviette. Scan them and you will gain access to the menus for mains, beverages, wine, and dessert. There is also the opportunity to sanitise your hands at any time using the touch-sensitive sanitiser dispenser placed on each table.

Stellenbosch Heroes 1

021 883 3857 /

The bottom line? There need not be any more fears around gradually getting back to ‘normal’ or treating yourself to a much-needed getaway. Stellenbosch is ready to help you do so safely and with confidence!