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Stellenbosch winery shoots “from the sky”

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In Stellenbosch, we’ve got a lot to be proud of, whether that be our world-class wineries, our top-notch university, art, culture, or sought-after scenery that blooms with a heart-warming community.

But once again, Stellenbosch has risen above and beyond; as Delaire Graff Estate has been awarded, ‘Africa’s best vineyard‘. Perfectly suited considering the name Delaire means “from the sky”.

The first-ever virtual vineyards awards recognised the top 50 wine farms from around the world. And enchanting Delaire Graff managed to snatch the 14th spot, and better yet, the ‘Best in Africa’, out of 3500 nominees. In times like these, we couldn’t be prouder.

If you’ve ever visited the estate, this should come as little surprise, but in the event you haven’t, this is how, and why, Delaire Graff Estate is Africa’s finest:

Delectable world-class wine

Nothing spells out ‘Best vineyard in Africa’, like winery excellence, and Delaire carries bounties of it as the estate ranks among the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere. Nestled at the crest of the Stellenbosch valleys ensures a cooling Atlantic breeze to conjures a rich intensity in the fruit. Topped-off by slow ripening seasons that serve to render only the finest clarets. From the likes of Cabernet Franc Rose’ to a classic maritime Sauvignon Blanc, Coastal Cuvée, Shiraz and so much more. Delaire is one of South Africa’s top wine producers, and here’s why.

Mouth-watering cuisine that warms the heart

Delaire conjures a world fit for royalty as it invites you into an experience of savoury decadence. With top-notch chefs and not one, but two on-sight restaurants, the estate invites you into a different indulgence upon every visit. With slow-roasted pork belly and black velvet cake, at The Delaire Graff Restuarant. To an Asian-inspired cuisine indulgence at Indochine. Expect an epicurean delight and find yourself ordering yellowtail sashimi or red curry prawns. Followed by a Satsuma Brulee to top it off as this vineyard further stresses the title of, ‘Best in Africa’.

The embodiment of luxury

Delaire is luxury personified. This gorgeous phenomenon appears to be plucked from the heavens as Delaire itself means “from the sky”. From their terrace to their rooms, restaurant, lounge and outside pool. The estate engulfs travellers and locals alike, in only the finest tranquillity, artwork and soothing surrounds that leave you wanting more. Whatever your reasoning, a stop here is one to be marvelled.

Eye-catching artistry

Delaire seemingly coats you in an ocean of artistry from the get-go. Sculptures from the Dylan Lewis and Lionel Smith can be found dotted across the estate, from the drive up to Delaire to the terrace overlooking Stellenbosch. If we didn’t know any better, we’d almost mistake the estate for a resident gallery. With Bronze sculpted cheetahs of striking proficiency, to interpretive pieces that paint the experience in a new light. The celebration of art at Delaire Graff is what sets it apart.

Breath-taking scenery and location

This luxury estate bestows no shortage of heavenly surrounds. Nuzzled in the heart of the Stellenbosch valley, it engulfs you in the mountains and sets you beside lush scenery stretching further than sight. With an open interior, Delaire flaunts it’s exterior within metre distance. Whether you’re staying for the night, relishing in a hearty meal or soaking up the sun’s rays from the terrace. You’ll always be within walking distance of panoramic views, and an ocean of succulent vineyards. Ensuring tranquillity at its peak.

Heart Warming hospitality

Being the epitome of perfection, the hospitality at Delaire is nothing short of just that, perfection. Expect open arms, warm smiles and hearty service from the moment Delaire opens its doors. Topping off the reason behind, and success of the estate’s new title – ‘Best Vineyard in Africa‘.