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Stellenbosch University – Bridging the gap between talent and financial need

Stellenbosch University launched an annual fundraising initiative, Bridge the Gap, in 2021 that invites alumni, the student community, staff, parents, and friends of the University to support students in overcoming the obstacles on their path to success.

The goal is to close the gap between talent and financial need. With your support tangible differences can be made in the lives of Stellenbosch University students.

The Bridge the Gap campaign consists of several initiatives including the #Action4Inclusion initiative. Click here to read more about the Maties Alumni Bridge the Gap campaign.

What is the #Action4Inclusion initiative?

Many students are burdened by university fee debts. The plight of historic debt owed to universities by students from poor and working-class families is of great concern. Debt is increasingly becoming the biggest obstacle for many students in higher education, with some forced to abandon their studies because they are unable to pay their student fees. The #Action4Inclusion Campaign seeks to ensure the registration of all students by clearing historical debt.

#Action4Inclusion was conceptualized by the Stellenbosch University’s Student Representative Council, Prof Thuli Madonsela, SU’s Law Trust Chair in Social Justice, Prof Sonia Human, former dean of SU’s Faculty of Law and Social Justice Ambassadors.

“Stellenbosch University firmly believes that no deserving student should be denied access to higher education based on their financial struggles,” says Prof Wim de Villiers.

Prof Thuli Madonsela firmly believes that a lack of funding should not inhibit success and access to education should not be dependent on wealth. Together we can help students to earn their degrees without the burden of debt.

Visit Stellenbosch and Prof Thuli Madonsela, together with the Social Justice Ambassadors urge and challenge you to be a part of this initiative and give our students, our future generation, the best possible opportunity to succeed.

For more info on the #Action4Inclusion and how you can donate, click here.