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Stellenbosch – Outdoor activities made just for you

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Welcome to Stellenbosch – South Africa’s second oldest town and most inspiring wine, food, art and cultural destination.


If you’re craving fresh air and ample space to roam free, then Stellenbosch is your easy breezy, outdoors playground just waiting to welcome you.

Stellenbosch, or the ‘Bosch’ as some of us fondly refer to our little warm-hearted town, has much more to offer than just a vibrant atmosphere, great restaurants and award-winning wine farms. We have heaps of outdoor space just a hop, skip and a jump from the doorstep of your accommodation.

Whether you’re a ‘hardcore’ mountain biker looking for new trails, a ‘sightseeing’ cyclist, a hiker looking to hit the trails, or a history buff looking to embark on a historical walk through time, there’s a special pick just for you.

Here’s how to find your perfect outdoors ‘personality’ depending on your need, want and fitness level.


The Casual Explorer

The casual explorer is comfortable with where they are now and find their “centre” in the great outdoors. They relish in the simple joys of life, from relaxing strolls through vineyards, to historical walks, sculpture gardens, gardening pleasures and any other activities that involve gentle exercise surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Unlike other ‘personalities, ‘the contemporary athlete is content with their current level of outdoor engagement. The thing they love most about being outside? The chance to disconnect from technology and the stresses of daily life.

stellenbosch activities walking tour

Stellenbosch activities for the Casual Explorer

Stellenbosch on Foot Walking Tours
T: +27 84 479 7262, W:

Stellenbosch on foot

Vinebikes Wine tours
T: +27 79 490 2389, W:

Horse Riding at Pink Geranium
T: +27 079 962 4627, W:

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden
T: +27 21 880 0054, W:

Dylan lewis garden

Jan Marais Park & Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden stroll
T: +27 21 808 9111, W:
T: +27 21 808 8160, W:

Kayamandi Walking Tour
T: +27 64 777 9915, W:

Stellenbosch Vlakte on Foot
T: +27 64 777 9915, W:

Scootours at Middelvlei
T: +27 82 776 0557, W:

Segway at Spier
T: + 27 21 809 1157, W:

Adventureshop Bike Rentals (e-bike / Mountain bike)
T: +27 21 882 8112, W:

Walking Routes / Tours on Wine Farms


The Urban Athlete

Next up, we’ve got the urban athlete. The urban athlete steps outside, not because they necessarily love the outdoors, but because the activities they love are found outside.

The urban athlete was born and bred on team sports. As a result, getting outside is much more about competition, socialization and getting a good workout in. The Urban Athlete favours athletic products, brands and tends to be style conscious. Technology plays a strong role in their lives.

As the name suggests, these ‘personalities’ tend to live in urban areas.

Stellenbosch activities for the Urban Athlete

Adventureshop E-bike to Boschendal
T: +27 21 882 8112, W:

Adventureshop E-bike to Franschhoek
T: +27 21 882 8112, W:

Adventureshop Guided Vineyard Hikes
T: +27 21 882 8112, W:


Hardcore Adventurer

You’re most likely to find a hardcore adventurer getting dusty on a mountain bike trail or flying past you on a trail running competition. They’re driven to participate in outdoor activities through a variety of motivations covering both performance and competition.

Those that don’t participate at a professional level aspire to do so. Nothing stands in their way when it comes to getting outdoors – rain or shine.

stellenbosch activities biking

Stellenbosch activities for the Hardcore Adventurer

Bottelary Mountain Bike Route
T: 27 83 448 0810, W:

Jonkershoek Mountain Bike Route
T: +27 21 866 1560, W:

Jonkershoek Mountain Hike

Bike to Hermanus (Gateway to the winelands)
T: +27 21 882 8112, W: