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Stay & Play Summer in Stellenbosch: The Quintessential Winelands Retreat

November 2023

In the embrace of the Cape Winelands, situated amidst verdant valleys and guarded by the stoic peaks of the Helderberg, Simonsberg and Stellenbosch Mountains, lies the historic town of Stellenbosch. This summer, it positions itself not just as a destination, but as the vibrant heart from which to explore a region brimming with allure. Stay & Play Summer in Stellenbosch is an invitation to a season where time pauses, allowing the rich tapestry of culture, nature, and epicurean delights to be thoroughly savoured.

Where to Stay: A Home Away from Home for Every Taste and Budget

Whether your preference leans towards the luxury of manor houses that whisper the secrets of centuries past, or the modernity of boutique hotels that dazzle with contemporary comfort, Stellenbosch accommodates all. Cosy bed and breakfast establishments, family-friendly guesthouses, and secluded self-catering villas dot the landscape. Each venue offers a unique perspective of this multifaceted town, ensuring that your stay is exactly what you wish it to be – whether that’s opulent, understated elegance or homely and heartfelt.

Play: Discovering the Soul of the Winelands

Viticulture is the lifeblood of the region, and the Winelands beckon with a siren’s call to oenophiles and novices alike. Vineyard visits and wine tastings are not just about the palate-pleasing drink but are an education in the terroir and the passionate stories of the wine-makers. Gastronomes will find their haven in winery restaurants where each meal is an ode to the local produce, perfectly paired with house wines.

Exploration extends to the heart of Stellenbosch town. Here, the oak-lined streets are alive with café culture—where the aroma of freshly ground coffee competes with the sensory bouquet of wine bars. Boutiques showcase local designers, offering treasures that range from high fashion to hand-crafted curios. Art galleries offer a feast for the eyes, with works that span traditional to avant-garde, often reflecting the rich diversity of the South African spirit.

The Art of the Outdoors

Art in Stellenbosch is not confined to indoor spaces. The town and its environs are a canvas displaying sculptures and installations, with the natural beauty serving as a breathtaking gallery. The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden is one such place where artistry meets the wild, with sculptures that seem to grow from the earth itself.

The outdoors beckons adventurers and those seeking tranquillity alike, with over 500km of meticulously curated single-track mountain bike trails and hiking paths that offer different vantage points of the awe-inspiring landscape. For a more languid pace, picnics under the shade of ancient trees provide a respite from the summer sun, while the evenings promise al fresco dining or wine tasting as the sun dips below the horizon, setting the sky aflame.

Summer Activities: A Symphony of Experiences

Stellenbosch’s summer activities are a symphony composed of many notes. You can indulge in the simple pleasure of a picnic, complete with locally sourced delicacies and the region’s finest wines, under the canopy of a sprawling oak. For the active souls, mornings may begin with a cycle or hike through the varying terrains, while evenings are for sipping on the fruits of the vine as the day cools.

The Stay & Play Summer in Stellenbosch is not just a passing season; it is a timeless invitation to experience the quintessence of the Winelands. Here, every sense is catered to, every desire met with warm hospitality, and every day promises a new discovery. Stellenbosch is not merely a stop along the way—it is a destination that holds the promise of memories that linger long after the summer sun has set. So, come and make Stellenbosch your base this summer, the perfect place to stay and the most enchanting playground to play.