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Savour Stellenbosch: A Guide to Small Plate Dining

March 2024

Welcome to a culinary journey through Stellenbosch, where the vibrant town centre and the picturesque surrounding wine farms converge to offer a delectable tapestry of small plates and tapas-style delights. In this gastronomic exploration, we invite you to savor the diverse flavors that define Stellenbosch’s culinary scene. From charming eateries nestled in the heart of the town centre to hidden gems scattered across the lush vineyards, each restaurant tells a unique story through its carefully crafted small plate menus.

Get ready to indulge in an array of dishes that showcase the finest local ingredients, all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Stellenbosch. It’s time to let your taste buds wander and your senses revel in the small plate revolution that has taken this South African culinary haven by storm.

Spek & Bone

Spek & Bone is located at a historic site next to the original Stellenbosch market, behind Oom Samie se winkel. This small plates eatery and wine bar is a real hidden gem, tucked away just off Dorp Street. The name is inspired by Bertus’ and his wife, Mareli’s, pets. “The restaurant is named after our pig and our puppy, Spek and Bone, who are (surprisingly) best friends and truly inseparable”, explains Bertus. The pets were named after the classic food combination of pork and beans.

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Qbar Stellenbosch is a remarkable Winelands destination that promises vibrant experiences, tailored to tantalize even the most discerning of palates. With exceptional service that fosters both familiarity and exclusivity, Qbar is an extension of Quoin Rock and Knorhoek Wine farms, nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch. Here, one can indulge in an array of Award-winning wines, great food, and signature drinks, all crafted to perfection.

At Qbar only the best of Quoin Rock and Knorhoek Wines are on offer, delivering a special wine experience that will tantalize the taste buds of wine lovers. The food menu is equally as impressive and pairs seamlessly with the wine selection, offering a combination that is truly special and unique.

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Post & Pepper Restaurant

Upmarket and refined eatery located in the old Stellenbosch Post Office.

A restaurant that celebrates the best of fine dining without the starch and snobbery offering global inspired dishes with a selection of house cocktails and South African wines.

The essence of this restaurant revolves around the simple pleasure of sharing good food, conversation and time with one another.

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Pink Valley Wines

Pink Valley’s restaurant offers patrons a unique, modern and relaxed atmosphere in which to share and enjoy contemporary tapas dishes, either with friends, family or colleagues.

Here too one can simply pause and admire the pristine surrounds of the Helderberg with a glass of Rosè in hand.

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Die Taphuis at Lanzerac

The succession of ownership through the eras has layered the Estate’s rich history and present day Lanzerac honours the rich and vast legacy by telling the stories of its past. Created during the Rawdon era, the Taphuis Bar is a place where guests have created many memories. The treacle brown bar has been welcoming thirsty travellers since the 1960’s, and although damaged in the 2017 fire, it has undergone extensive repairs to retain its original feel, with some of the elements that were salvaged from the flames being reused alongside new additions. The Taphuis’ country-inspired décor is rich in texture with rough stone walls, brick floors and exposed wooden ceilings

The gourmet pub-style menu offers sharing plates and light meals in a relaxed environment overflowing with beautiful country charm. The menu boasts homegrown food sourced from local farmers and suppliers, prepared with creativity and originality by the resident team of chefs. Dining options are either indoors set against an impressive handcrafted bar and large roaring fireplace, or outdoors on the shady terrace complete with garden views.

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Stellenbosch Wine Bar

The Stellenbosch Wine Bar is a casual meeting place designed to showcase the wines of the Stellenbosch Collection, this portfolio of brands include; Stellenbosch Reserve, Afrikaans, Cirrus, Donkiesbaai, Guardian Peak, and Rust en Vrede. The focus is on wine, with a Mediterranean style of sharing and enjoying food. It is a place where you can meet after work for a drink, a quick business lunch, or a pre-dinner drink. It is a place to meet without fuss or formality.

The food style encompasses an offering of small plates and is designed for sharing in a Mediterranean style. Inspired by Spanish and Italian traditions, but also by what South Africans love to eat, and of course, all the dishes are designed to complement the wines. After all, good food and good wine are always a pairing.

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Hussar Tapas

Discover the latest culinary sensation at Hussar Tapas, situated next to The Hussar Grill in Stellenbosch. Round up your companions for a delightful late afternoon experience, savoring exceptional local wines or bespoke cocktails in a sophisticated and inviting setting. Explore an extensive menu featuring a variety of tempting options, ranging from delectable panko-prawns to impeccably cooked plankie steak and mouthwatering Jalapeño Poppers. With outstanding service, Hussar Tapas is a must-add to your list of top Small Plates destinations!

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Genki Sushi is situated in the heart of Stellenbosch and opened its doors in 2009. Sit under the oaks and enjoy the freshest sushi and Japanese Tapas in their beautiful courtyard setting. At Genki they strive to only use the freshest sustainable fish and seafood. On offer is a wide selection of dishes, with an amazing Japanese-influenced menu, from Sushi to Izakaya bar-style items.

With a specials board that always offers new and exciting items, they always try to be innovative and offer something different. And with their wines chosen from Stellenbosch and surrounds, they take special care to offer a large range of individually chosen wines that complement their menu.

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The Kleine Zalze Restaurant

The Kleine Zalze Restaurant offers a holistic and integrated food and wine experience. Well-known and respected chef Nic van Wyk leads the team at the restaurant and the focus is on timeless, honest, generous, and authentic cooking. Not necessarily fine dining but certainly top-quality delicious food.

The menu at the Kleine Zalze Restaurant changes regularly to offer a compact selection of plats du jour – a collection of delicious dishes inspired by classic cuisine. Alongside the plats du jour consumers can choose from a collection of cold tapas as well as an interesting list of warm tapas plates. Incredibly popular, the tapas plates are perfectly pitched for a lighter meal at the restaurant, a snack with a glass of wine or to complement a wine tasting. To round it all off, there is a delicious selection of deserts to choose from.

Our brand-new Taste, Explore, Relax menu that will run daily from Monday to Saturday will offer you, our guest not only a selection of new dishes but also the choice of the portion size that you would like to enjoy. Taste – think tapas, Explore – similar to a starter or light lunch, and Relax – a traditional main course. All of these options are of course naturally and easily paired with a glass or bottle of Kleine Zalze wine.

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Bertha Wine Bar

Bertha Wine Bar in Stellenbosch is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs looking for a unique wine-tasting experience. This light-filled, airy space is home to a stunning collection of beautiful and rare wines sourced exclusively from the renowned Stellenbosch Wine Region.

As patrons explore the diverse wine offerings, they can complement their experience with the delectable small plates of food on offer. From delectable burrate to succulent charcuterie, the menu is carefully crafted to enhance the flavors of the wines and create a delightful culinary experience.

Whether you’re looking to sample some of the rarest and most beautiful wines in the world or simply looking for a trendy atmosphere to enjoy a glass and lovely little bites with friends, Bertha Wine Bar is the perfect destination. Come celebrate life’s special moments, and discover the magic of Stellenbosch.

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