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Safety Tips

Safety tips for

Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance. As in other countries, there a few universal safety precautions you should keep in mind.

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Safety Tips for Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is a large university town in the cosmopolitan Western Cape. As such, we would advise travellers to exercise the same level of vigilance they would exercise when visiting any city in the world.

This includes ensuring you follow basic safety tips such as keeping emergency numbers on hand, avoiding carrying large sums of cash and keeping your valuables safe at all times. The overwhelming majority of visitors to Stellenbosch and the Western Cape, enjoyed a positive and memorable experience.

Be ATM smart – Tip tips for keeping your cash safe

We’ve got our eye on ATM fraud and your safety in Stellenbosch. If you’re approached by anyone claiming you need pay parking at the ATM and offer to walk with you to the ATM, be warned – this is a scam and simply not true.

Here are 10 handy tips to keep you and your cash safe:
* Always keep your ATM PIN confidential and never write it down.
* Stand as close as possible to the ATM and never let anyone distract you.
* Only use ATMS in well-lit and safe places.
* When transacting, cover the keypad with your hand - scammers can place cameras to record your PIN as you punch it in.
* Do not enter your PIN on a screen that is unfamiliar to you.
* Once cash has been withdrawn, immediately place it out of sight.
* Set a realistic daily limit on your banking to protect yourself.
* Be wary of strangers that may call you back to the ATM to complete a transaction.
* Never force your card into the ATM – if the card is not easily accepted by the device, it may have been tampered with by criminals. If it gets stuck or swallowed, follow instructions on the ATM.
* Do not post images of your cash on social media.

Should you be a victim of crime

* Stay calm; do not panic.
* Don’t resist – follow all instructions.
* Try to remember the characteristics of the attacker.
* Report the crime to the SAPS.

Hotel safety

* Place your valuables/passport in a hotel safe.
* Never leave your personal property unattended.
* Close and lock the door when you are in your room.
* Don’t open the door without first checking who’s asking to come in.
* Use registered, qualified tour guides.

On the street

* Walk with confidence, and don't use your cell phone while on the move and don’t leave it on restaurant tables
* Don’t keep all your money in one pocket
* Be aware of your surroundings
* Don’t walk in deserted or dark areas
* Watch out for sudden activity or commotion; it may be a distraction technique
* Keep all possessions close to your body and in sight
* Keep your wallet tucked away, and your handbag close and closed. Do not leave it lying on restaurant tables
* Don’t use headphones on the street – they may distract you
* Plan your route beforehand
* Avoid visibility of valuables such as jewellery, cameras, laptops and tablets
* Don’t carry large sums of money and avoid counting it in the open
* Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return

In your car

* Have your keys ready as you approach your car
* Always lock your doors and double check the handles manually to avoid remote jamming
* Park in well-lit areas
* Keep enough distance between your car and the one in front to enable you to change lanes and drive away in a hurry
* Don’t give lifts to strangers
* Look around before entering your driveway
* Be aware of strangers begging at intersections and avoid giving them money – rather GIVE RESPONSIBLY by donating to a known charity
* Never open your window when approached by a stranger
* If you think you are being followed drive to a busy place or a police station
* Keep your valuables out of sight – put them in the boot before you start your trip
* Park in well-lit areas
* Be alert to vehicles or persons following you into a parking area

You may encounter persistent begging in Stellenbosch

This is intimidating behaviour that can make you feel threatened. It can involve verbal abuse or uninvited touching and/or pulling. You may also be followed around persistently despite your having said “NO!”

How to deal with it:
* Make eye contact and say “NO, please leave me alone” firmly and clearly
* If you feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way within the CBD, find a security guard (EPP guards dressed in black with a yellow) or a Public Safety Officer and ask for assistance
* Alternatively, walk into the first open venue and call one of the emergency numbers

Tourism Info: 021 886 4310
Ambulance: 082 124
Police: 021 809 5015
Hospital (Medi Clinic): 021 861 2000
Medical Centre (Provincial): 021 887 0310
Pharmacy (8am-8pm): 021 887 9400

Out & about

* Don’t leave handbags under tables, or on the backs of chairs
* Don’t leave cell phones or wallets on restaurant tables
* Keep your credit card in sight all the time
* Don’t leave drinks unattended


* Pay attention to your instincts
* Pack a fully charged cell phone
* Don’t pull out your map until you’re out of view
* Keep copies of all valuable documents in a safe place

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