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Kayamandi walking tours to open your heart

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There’s a famous African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. In Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, it takes a village to share its story. Join local tour guides on a Kayamandi On Foot walking tour. Open your heart and uncover the history and soul of this vibrant, historic community from the hearts of the locals.

Wamkelekile! Welcome to Kayamandi.

Hosted by Stellenbosch Township Village (STV), these walking tours give visitors the chance to journey like a local, through the eyes of local tour guides, residents, business owners, artists, creatives, and the like.

Kayamandi tour: What to expect on this On Foot walking experience

There is much to see, do, taste, and experience as your guides show you around their home.

Visitors are welcomed at a local restaurant. Then, lace up your walking shoes and expect to visit around 15 key sites. A Kayamandi on Foot walking experience is not a stock standard tour. Each tour is centered around the personality, connections, and interests of the local guide. They each have their personal stories and favourite spots to share with you.

After having clocked up your steps, you’ll sit back and relax over a traditional meal. It’s said that food is the key to the heart. Never is this more true than in Kayamandi! Pull up a chair at Amazink, South Africa’s first township theatre restaurant. The Restaurant sits in the iKhaya Trust Centre; a fire-damaged beer hall turned award-winning, architect-designed community center.

Feast on a buffet or a traditional 7 Colours meal. Expect rice, chicken or beef, and at least seven brightly coloured side dishes: pumpkin, sweet potatoes, beetroot, cabbage, beans salad, potato salad, coleslaw and more.

Feast your senses practicing your rhythm in a drumming session (be warned: it’s trickier than it looks!) and soak up the storytelling, singing, and poetry.

Meet your local Kayamandi walking tour guides

Your proud local guides will be:

• Thembi Koli
• Kay Mhlakaza
• Malwande (Prince) Tsodo
• Samkela Mhlakaza
• Paul Roviss-Khambule
• Anga (Bones) Bonongo
• Nomathlubi Gxuluwe

History of Kayamandi

“Kayamandi” translates as “nice home” in the Xhosa language. Journey through this community, and you’ll soon discover why this name is so apt. Experience the warm-hearted Xhosa culture and vibrant open-door living. Experiences are shared and communal – a village with one heart.

Kayamandi is historically significant. In fact, it’s the second oldest township in South Africa.

Construction began in Kayamandi in 1940 with the building of 55 houses. 330 individuals resided here in 1941. Today, more than 43 000 call Kayamandi home.

About STV
STV, in partnership with the Stellenbosch Municipality, is a social enterprise focussed on growing the economic development of Kayamandi through tourism. The organization gives visitors the chance to transcend culture, history, and politics and experience the community through the eyes and hearts of the locals.

The team offers historically correct, socially relevant, intercultural experiences. Visitors directly contribute to community development when they book a tour or an event with Stellenbosch Township and Village (STV).

For more information and to book tours, please visit