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Jordan’s annual clothing drive, we need you Stellenbosch

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Twelve years ago, Gary and Kathy Jordan, the owners of Jordan Wine Estate, were at the end of a dark road. Struggling to build traction towards the estate, they came up with a beautiful idea that would not only provide Stellenbosch with a taste of Jordan, but simultaneously, help support local charities.

The initiative saw great success, and the Jordan clothing drive was born. Ever since then, for the last 12 years, Jordan has been hosting an annual clothing drive, where residents are encouraged to donate their old clothing, in an effort to support the local charities. From the likes of PATCH, U-turn, Helderberg Hospice, Stellenbosch Night Shelter, and a further 30 other charities. With a surge of helping hands and heartwarming solidarity, Jordan was able to raise an extraordinary 15 tons of clothing as of 2019. In exchange, residents would receive a bottle of wine for every kilogram of warmth donated.

Despite the devastating effect that this year has birthed. Jordan has persevered and continues to support local industries, raising over R2.7 million for the hard-hit restaurants across South Africa. And in exchange, Jordan donated over 17000 bottles of wine to the local warm hearts of Stellenbosch.

In the past, The Estate has been blessed by wholehearted community support, with donations pouring in each year. However, with recent storm lashing the Cape, Gary and Kathy Jordan, are asking for your support like never before.

The year has been harsh on all of us. It’s left us disoriented, dispersed, worried, and even scared. A sense of community often seems to be dangling in the balance. But that’s when it’s most important.

Now is the time to band together, as one, as a unified community that will not be shaken. These charities need Stellenbosch. They need you.

In times like these, we are tribal, with the essential question being: “How can you help the tribe”. Everybody is asking the question; how can they help?


This is how:

At the Jordan Estate, from Monday through Sunday, 10:00-16:00, from the 6th of July-31st August. For every 3kg of clothes donated, The Jordan Estate is giving out delicious decadents, complementary of “The Bakery at Jordan”. Get them to go, or indulge in your Black Magic coffee, or perfectly steeped tea in the company of Jordan’s tranquility. The endeavor is topped off with a savoury salted caramel biscuit, perfect for keeping the frost at bay. Picnics, wine, and cellar tours are also ready for spoils. Including a winter special comprised of slow-cooked lamb, Rogan Josh served with pickled aubergine, toasted coconut, raita, and traditional naan bread. Savour it with a hot beverage of your choice and end on a sweet note with the chef’s Patisserie of the day for only R150 per person, based on two people sharing.

In the spirit of adhering to the health and safety regulations and keeping the safety of the charities and staff in mind. Clothes donated to the Winter Clothing Collection will need to be washed, folded, and brought to the estate in clear bags, labelled with contents. No underwear, socks, nor shoes to be allowed. Blankets, bedding, summer, or winter clothing go a long way and are very appreciated.

If you cannot join us at the estate and still have clothes to donate, please contact Jordan at for a full list of the charities they support!