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Helping our furry friends during COVID-19

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In trying times, it’s often easy to forget that, as humans, we aren’t the only ones affected by the pandemic. In moments like these, everyone needs support, and that includes our furry friends too. And Leone Pitts, a local guide and resident animal lover outside Kylemore, is all too aware of this.

Unfortunately, during this challenging age, families are struggling to supply their pets with adequate financial support. Leone can’t stress enough the importance of having our pets sterilised during these times, as fighting communities attempt to aid an overwhelming amount of newborns.

But despite the situation, Leone has pushed forward, as she teams up with one of our proudly Stellenbosch organizations; SAW. Dedicated to a cause, Stellenbosch’s Animal Welfare has been fighting strong for over 60 years, creating and sustaining homes for our furry friends across the country. In recent times, this team has; saved and found loving homes for over twelve puppies, after their mother, Tesse, was spotted living under a piece of corrugated iron. Alongside this, they’ve saved, nurtured and granted new life to an abandoned cat, Snowy. Once more, they’ve not only given hope, but they’ve reunited a beloved owner, with his furry counterpart, Mark; after being severely wounded by a dog.

With their help, this Non-profit organisation has been supplying Leone with the pet food that she hands out every Saturday morning, in an attempt to help support our fluffy comrades in struggling communities.

Although the impact is tremendous, it’s not enough, as Leone continues to run out of food – and is left with no choice, but to send some home with empty-hands.

Atop of this, in hopes of creating an impact, there’s a monthly outreach where the clinic revisits the area to dip, sterilize and treat sick animals, but in order to do this for free, they need all the support they can garner.

If you’re interested in supporting our furry little fellows, SAW offers a bounty of opportunity. You can make a donation via their online store, get involved with various fundraising endeavours and of course you can also adopt a companion to the family.

For donations, see their details below! (All amounts are very appreciated!)
Bank Name: Nedbank
Branch: Business Winelands
Account Number: 1498042856
Branch Code: 149821
Account Name: African Welfare Society of Stellenbosch
Swift BIC: NEDSZAJJ (for international transfers)

Please email your proof of deposit to as well as your details, and they will send you a tax certificate.