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Add some Spice to your Life

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Meet Fatimah Shaik, Cape Malay cooking master, trainer, Halaal catering chef, and spice lover. Fatimah recently teamed up with Township and Village to offer the Cape Spice Experience in Stellenbosch. Cape Malay cuisine is unique to the Western Cape, and food lovers are invited to explore and experience this traditional style of cooking.

The Spice Experience starts off with a talk on spices, followed by a spice roasting and cooking demonstration. Guests are then treated to a traditional three-course meal and a spice pack to take home. Additional spices and culinary products are also on sale.

Her obsession with Cape Malay cuisine and spices is a life long family affair .”My recipes come from my mother, my grandmother and my aunts, and are passed down from generation to generation”, says Fatimah.

She describes Cape Malay cooking as a mixture of eastern and western cuisine…with the eastern influences coming from Malasia, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, India, Arabia, and Turkey. The western influences being Dutch and English. “Our forefathers came from these eastern areas and they were great cooks with phenomenal knowledge on spices,” says Fatimah. Through the years these cultural cooking methods fused into what is now known as Cape Malay cuisine.

Cape Malay cooking is renowned for its aromatic, fruity, mild and full-bodied flavours, and is inherently part of the Western Cape culture and heritage.

For more information or to book a Cape spice experience, visit or email contact